Home Insurance FAQ

How can I reduce my home insurance premium?
How can I protect my valuables (Jewelry, Firearms, Collectibles and Artwork)?
Why would I want coverage on my Condo, isn’t that covered by my HOA?
Why would I want “Flood Insurance?” I don’t live by the ocean.
What happens if my home costs more to rebuild than my homeowner’s insurance provides?
What is liability insurance?
What do I do if there is a fire at my house?
What do I do if there is a broken pipe at my house?
When can I cancel my existing policy?
Can I change my EFT Date?
What happens at the end of my policy term?
Can you bill my mortgage company for my homeowner’s insurance?
What date are my monthly insurance payments due?
Why is the bill different if I choose an electronic withdrawal versus being billed directly?
Why is the cost of my homeowner’s insurance coverage different now than it was when I purchased the home?
Do you offer Identity Theft Protection?
Do you pull a credit report when looking for insurance quotes?
What other benefits do your policies offer?
Do you guarantee repairs done to my house after a claim?
Do you recommend any companies to fix my house?
Why would I want a Personal Umbrella Policy?
Does it cost more to work with a broker?